Be scam aware. We’ll never ask you for your Internet banking password, nor will we ever ask you to move money to another Community First account or other financial institution. If you’re ever unsure, call us back on the number published on our website. If you’re asked to open an account at another financial institution, do not proceed.

No interest

No interest on purchases or cash advances (cash advance fee applies). There's a choice of 3 card limits, each with a different monthly fee.


We won't charge you the monthly fee if you have a $0 balance for the whole calendar month and don't use the card for the entire calendar month.


Manage your purchases with a minimum repayment of 2.5% of the closing balance of your statement or $20, whichever is greater^

n0w Credit Card

No interest, just a low monthly fee 1

Monthly fee


For credit limit:


Monthly fee


For credit limit:


Monthly fee


For credit limit:


Shopping made easy

As a handy shopping companion, the n0w card offers simplicity and no interest, just a low monthly fee and you get to choose from three separate credit limit options. Plus, you can get cash out whenever you need it. So why wait when you can get it n0w. 

Features and benefits


Monthly fee

The monthly fee is waived if your account has a $0 balance and if you don't use your card during the entire calendar month.


Late fees

There's no late fees to eat away at your available credit.


Annual fee

There's no annual fee on the card so one less thing to remember.

2.5% or $20

Minimum repayment^

The minimum amount you need to repay each month so you can stay on top of things.


Cash advance fee

If you need to get cash out, there's still no interest, just a low fee.


Overseas cash advance fee

The fee that applies if you need to get cash out overseas.


International conversion fee

3% of transaction value in $AUD.

How to apply

You can apply online, over the phone or at one of our financial services stores.

Please take a moment to view the Credit Card Key Facts Sheet before you begin.


Tap and go

Mobile Payments

Use your card to make payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay TM and Samsung Pay.

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Manage your money

Mobile app

Manage your balance by using our mobile banking app to keep track of your spending.

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Card security

Visa Secure & eftpos Secure

A free fraud prevention service to help protect you when shopping online.

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You can apply if you:

  • Are over 18 years of age
  • Have a regular income
  • Are not or have not been bankrupt (including Part IX agreements)
  • Are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident
  • Have not had defaults on any Loans, Credit cards, Interest free finance or Store cards in the last 5 years
  • Have been in your current job longer than 6 months
  • Have an acceptable Credit Risk Profile (Credit Score)
  • Are not applying for a balance transfer

  • Your personal details, such as your current and previous address, phone number and email address
  • Details of your income, employment, any assets (e.g. home, car or savings) and debts (mortgages, loans and credit cards) you currently have.

Community First Bank is able to offer loans to self employed applicants including home loans, personal loans, credit cards and overdrafts.

The types of documentation we will request from you may vary between applicants due to differences in individual situations and the type of loan you are applying for. The following are some examples of documentation you may be asked to provide.

  • Last 2 years full Tax Returns and financials/profit & loss statements for both of your personal and/or company tax returns to support your Self Employed income, and last 2 pay slips for other applicants
  • Proof of any rental income for properties via real estate statement or copy of executed lease
  • Latest Notice Of Assessments for each applicant
  • Last 3 months most recent everyday transaction account statements where your income is credited to.
  • Last 3 months statements of any loans or credit cards you are refinancing to us
  • Copy of current rates notice if it is a mortgage application

Fees and charges

You may be charged a fee for some transactions and specially requested services. Refer to our fees and charges for more information.

You can view Target Market Determinations here.

Credit eligibility criteria, terms & conditions, fees & charges apply. Information is current as at 8 October 2021 and subject to change without notice. ^Plus any amount by which you have exceeded the credit limit and any due amounts. If your closing balance is less than $20, your minimum repayment is the closing balance. Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., Google Pay is a registered trademark of Google Inc., and Samsung Pay is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co. 
1 We won't charge you the monthly fee if you have a $0 balance for the whole calendar month and don't use the card for the entire calendar month.

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