Solar loan

Our Solar Loan gives home owners affordable funding choices to make ecofriendly changes to their home and lifestyle.

Many Australians are embracing a more sustainable lifestyle – not just to reduce their eco-footprint, but also to embrace the potential savings of lower utility bills. Community First is taking a leadership role in this movement through our low interest Green Loans (Solar Loans), that give members affordable funding choices to make ecofriendly changes to their home and lifestyle.

Our low rate Solar Loan can help you make environmentally-friendly purchases on products such as insulation, solar pool heaters, external awnings, rainwater tanks, double glazing and grey water treatment systems as well as energy efficient white goods and appliances.

Take the heat out of bills

Solar power is not just good for the environment. Solar power saves money for home owners by generating free electricity during daylight hours 1

According to the Clean Energy Council, households using solar power save an average of $540 every year on power bills (Source:

Solar loan features

The Community First Solar Loan is unsecured and offers loans from as little as $1,000 for terms up to 10 years. Plus, there’s no penalty if you pay the loan off early and it comes with a highly competitive variable interest rate.

In many cases, the loan repayment could be less than or equivalent to the energy bill savings realised. This means your net effect is positive or no worse off. And when the solar loan is paid off, you can benefit even more from potential power bill savings.

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Cash or finance?

Like any other purchase, determining how you will pay for your solar system is an important consideration. Paying cash is the most obvious method (if you have it), however there are a number of different loan options that could help you keep your hard earned cash in the bank and still get solar on your roof with overall savings.

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Loans for a greener world

Our award-winning Green Loan is yet another step in allowing our members to make a personal contribution to a healthier eco-system. The continued popularity of our Green Loans reflects the way that environmental issues are a major concern to 77% of Australian households. 2

By offering a low rate product, we allow our members to achieve sustainability success in their home – a process that can also deliver valuable energy savings. This further enhances our commitment to supporting the communities that Community First is part of.

One of the great strengths of Australia as a nation, is that we have access to abundant solar power. Our continent has the highest solar radiation per square metre of any continent globally2 , which gives us access to some of the best solar energy in the world. Yet solar energy accounts for just 0.1 percent of the nation’s total primary energy consumption. 3 Community First is helping to change this while also meeting our members’ preferences for ‘green’ energy.

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