Suffering from Holiday Debt Hangover?

Take the stress out of next holiday season.

Australians racked up billions in credit card debt over the Christmas period so it comes as no surprise that many people will be spending the coming few months paying off debt and trying to recover from the silly season. And if you’re still trying to find cost effective ways to entertain the kids in the school holidays, are paying off a holiday, or are preparing to be hit with school fees next month, January can understandably be a time of financial stress for some. But with a little planning and forward thinking, you can take some of the stress out of the next Christmas Holiday season with our Christmas Cracker account.

Simply set up an automatic credit to the account from your pay or other account, and we’ll make sure you can only access it between 1 November and 31 January each year^. That way you won’t be tempted to dip in.

Just $20 a week from the start of January to the start of November will give you $880 (plus interest), so you can hit the shops ahead of the rush in November and give yourself a financial head start.

Make it $40 and you’ll have a healthy $1,760. For some, that could make all the difference next Christmas.

Find out more about our Christmas Cracker account here.

Calculate your savings by using our savings calculator here.


^Early withdrawal will incur a fee. Refer to our fees and charges for further details.


Last updated: 08 January 2019

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