Mobile banking troubleshooting

Having difficulty with your app?

If you are having issues using our app try our trouble shooting tips below. If you're still unable to fix the problem, we'd like to know about it so we can resolve any issues you may be having quickly. We'd also like to share other trouble shooting tips not yet listed on this page with other Members.

I tried to install the new app but I get an error message telling me that I have exceeded the maximum number of device registrations.

A security feature of the app is that you can only have it installed on a maximum of 5 devices. If you get an error telling you have exceeded the maximum number of device registrations, you'll need to contact us so we can remove old device registrations.

My app crashes. When I open it, I’m kicked out and returned to the home screen.

Delete and re-install the app on your phone. If the problem persists, please contact us so we can investigate the issue. This will help us complete additional testing to identify the appropriate solution.

I have multiple membership numbers with Community First Credit Union but the app only lets me register one.

The Community First Credit Union App will only allow you to register one membership and the app can only be downloaded once on your device. Alternatively, you can install the app for your other membership on a different device. If you have your memberships linked, you will be able to see payees that have been set up under your other membership, but won’t be able to transact on them.

The app doesn’t work properly on my tablet device. Why is that?

The app is designed to work on smart phones and has not been optimised for use on tablet. This simply means that the app will work on a tablet, however the imagery may not appear as intended. If you experience an issue using the app on a tablet which is related to functionality or an error message (i.e. not visual) please contact us to report the problem so we can investigate the issue.

I’ve forgotten my Internet Banking username or password. How do I get a new one?

You must be registered for Internet Banking to use the mobile banking app. To reset your Internet Banking password or if you have forgotten your member number, you will need to contact us or visit one of our Financial Services Stores. You will be required to answer some security questions for your password to be reset or to retrieve your member number. Please note that Community First Credit Union does not retain your Internet Banking password for security reasons.

I’ve forgotten my 4-6 digit Passcode. How do I reset it?

Your 4-6 digit Passcode is different to your Internet Banking password. It is a short passcode designed to work within the app only, not within Internet Banking to give you faster login to mobile banking. To reset your Passcode, you can either delete and reinstall the app or contact us and request the Passcode to be removed. When you go back in to the app, go to settings from the bottom menu within the app and select “Change passcode”. It will prompt you to enter a new Passcode and save it.

How to report a problem

It’s important to us that we become aware of any errors or difficulties you may be experiencing with our app so that we can investigate the issue and prevent it from happening. To report an issue you are having, please contact us so we can investigate it.

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